My name is James Piggott, an artist currently living near Detroit, Michigan. This is my art website, which I've been maintaining and updating for about a decade now.

Here is a little bit about what is contained on my site:

The Gallery is the main section of my site, where you will find all of my artwork, including concept art, storyboards, illustrations, and a ton of sketches. Soon I will have writing samples for fiction and for pen 'n' paper RPG games I've been working on in the past year or so.

Infomation/Contact has a bit of background about me, as well as, my contact information on the web.

Resume is my resume...

Blog goes to my Tumblr blog. A few years ago, I switch from Blogger to Tumblr for my personal blogging. It doesn't feature all art all the time, but it does have things I'm interested in, mostly related to foods I cook and pop culture things I'm interested in. It also has some of my writings. The tags on the post are fairly well organized, so all of my artwork is in the "artwork" tag and all my writing is in the "writing" tag.

I have some prints available at Red Bubble, a site that offers print-on-demand art prints and such. Soon I'll have a link to a self publishing website where art and game books will be available for download and purchase.